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Together with you, we aspire to nothing less than #1.
#1 in the emerging global markets of the future together with our valued partners.
#1 in Relational Marketing improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people.
#1 for a better, richer and more sustainable World. Join us to change your life to #1!

Our Mission, Your Mission

SAFIR Group International Ltd. works with companies in various emerging and revolutionary industries. This gives all of us the opportunity to offer highly innovative products and solutions to change and improve lives.
Our Eco System empowers you - and people around you - to create your own future.
Your Mission is to take advantage of these possibilities!

* SAFIR offers bockchain-based hardware products, health tech products and more. SAFIR does NOT offer any financial services such as crypto trading, arbitrage, coin selling or buying.

The highest network
office in the world
147th floor – 550m high
"We make it possible"
Welcome to arguably the most exclusive opportunity in the world that will make your dreams of luxury and tokenization in Dubai a reality! Safir proudly presents the most impressive real estate project ever created in Dubai.
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In November 2022, one of the most renowned associations in Germany (bdv-bundderverbraucher.de) approached SAFIR with the wish to check whether the business activities of SAFIR is REAL and legitimate. For this purpose, the BDV commissioned experts and lawyers from a wide variety of subject areas to subject two of SAFIR’s cooperation partners and SAFIR itself to an independent audit.

The Result: 130 pages of economic and legal expertise

  • Due Diligence SAFIR and two cooperation partners
  • Analysis of the business location UAE / Dubai
  • Analysis of the distribution system
  • Expert opinion on competition law
  • Expert opinion on regulatory treatment
  • And much more!
We are honored by the result of this review.
They are #1
The SAFIR Management Team
Mr. Henk Diepbrink
is Managing Director (MD) of SAFIR Community. Mr. Diepbrink has more than 30 years of experience in Relational Marketing and is one of the most experienced and influent global leaders in this area. During his past activities, he worked as a consultant for top companies all over the world, improved their marketing systems and product strategies and made them pass the one billion Dollar mark in revenue. In addition, Mr. Diepbrink is entrepreneur, book author, public speaker, investor in real estate and private equity.
The Elite Circle of Trust

SAFIR stands for high-tech. SAFIR stands for quality. SAFIR stands for experienced leaders. Therefore, SAFIR also stand for an Elite Circle of Trust. These are people coming from different industries and who are eager to contribute with their Know-How to the success of SAFIR. The Circle acts as an independent advisory unit for SAFIR to get the company where it belongs – to #1.
The Elite Circle of Trust is for all of us. We all are SAFIR.

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